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Why work with Simon Boyle
A unique and different way to reach success

Simon’s clients have brought him in to inspire, create and to step change their brand or organization.

 He has helped them understand their food culture, turn around a teams thinking or product development project. Inspired brand teams to explore different areas of the market. He particularly enjoys helping brands with their culinary identity, product development and sales and marketing services.

Simon brings deep knowledge of food and hospitality added to this, his passion and drive for social change. This all requires him to think differently, be creative and he is seen as a thought leader in many sectors.

 Simon has a unique way to communicate and demonstrate and he uses his maverick style and chefmanship to bring a new prospective.

"Simon’s presence and thinking was very powerful during the workshop sessions but his ability to engage with our global brand teams during the conference was what turned it into a extraordinary event"

Torvald Coverly de Veale
Former Unilever Global Brand President


His areas of expertise are:

Culinary Brand Consultancy 

•    Brand Challenging and Enhancing  
•    Concept Development  
•    Product Gold Standard Benchmarking  
•    New Product Innovation  
•    Customer Engagement Demonstrations


Simon’s Speech Themes 

•  Food  
•  Social Enterprise  
•  Brigade   
•  Beyond Chocolate
•  Beyond Food Foundation Mission (Payment goes to Beyond Food)

Inspirational Cooking Services 

•    Sales Strategy Engagement  
•    Team Building and Leadership Facilitation
•    Culinary Brand Experience Presentations  
•    Private Dining and Events


Personal Appearances and Endorsements 

•    Brand Endorsements
•    Media appearances and editorial writing 
•    Live cooking demonstrations  
•    Culinary thought leadership  
•    Panel judging