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Stuffed rabbit leg + bean stew

Simon Boyle

Served with pancetta and apricots, this stew really hits the spot when you need comfort food with a little wow factor.


Stuff you’ll need

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1. For the chicken mousse: dice the chicken. Pick the leaves from the parsley and roughly chop and chop the chives. Add these to a food processor along with the egg white and seasoning. Pulse once or twice and then add the cream and blend to a fine mix.

2. For the stew: cooked off the chopped carrots, celery and shallots and add to the borlotti beans with a bit of chicken stock.

3. Cook the pancetta until crisp, set aside.

4. Stuff the rabbit with the mousse and the apricots regenerated in warm chicken stock for few minutes. Roll it as a ballotine.      

5. Wrap it in cling film and steam them for 7 minutes.

6. Once out of the oven, let them cool down, unwrap them and wrap in crepinette.

7. Pan fry the rabbit, making the crepinette crispy on both side and finish it in the oven.

8. For the greens, blanch them and sauté them in butter, salt and pepper to season.

10 rabbit legs
300g pancetta, diced
300g dry apricots
1kg borlotti beans
500g seasonal greens
600g crepinette
1kg chicken breast, diced
8 egg whites
Double cream - enough to make the mousse
Salt and pepper to season
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch chives
300g carrots, diced
300g celery, diced
300g shallots, diced
500ml chicken stock

Serves: 10
Prep time: 1 hour