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Stirring  Creativity  Ltd  

Floor 2, The Fire Station, 139 Tooley Street,
London SE1 2HZ

Tel: 0777 616 4615

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86 West St
Dormansland, RH7 6QS
United Kingdom

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Price List

Day Rate Fees

Culinary  Brand  Consultancy      £1000 

 Inspirational  Cooking  Services     £2000 

SB  Preparation  Days      £750

Chef Assistant  Day  Rate     £450              

Media Appearances  with  Simon  Boyle      POA 

Social Enterprise and Charity Dinner  Speeches  &  Talks      £500 donation  to  Beyond Food  Foundation  


All  prices  are  subject  to  terms  and  conditions  

Not including  expenses  for  travel,  ingredients  or  stimulus  


Longer Term Assignments

All assignments  are  structured  &  priced  individually  after  briefing  and  

deliverables confirmed.  Longevity  of  project  considered.  


Retainment fees on application