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Poached Beef Fillet with Semi Dried Figs and Raspberry Vinaigrette


Here is a recipe that perks the body up, is very easy on the stomach, high in protein and low in calories. It is well balanced and should maintain your physical performance, attention and learning success during the afternoon too. 


1 Litre Beef Stock

800g Whole Beef Fillet, tied 2-3 times

1 tbsp Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Small Savoy Cabbage

6 Yellow Baby Plum Tomatoes

1 Sprig Thyme

1 Clove Garlic

10 Fresh Raspberries

40ml Red Wine Vinegar

1 Shallot

½ tsp Maille Grain Mustard

50g Semi Dried Figs

1 tbsp Manuka Honey

100ml Hempseed Oil


Get Stuck In:

  1. Crush the raspberries with a fork and steep in the vinegar. 

  2. Peel and finely chop the shallot and cut the figs into wedges. Add to the raspberries and mix in the grain mustard.

  3. Season with the honey, a little salt and pepper and stir in the extra virgin olive oil. Reserve.

  4. Cut the tomatoes in half and place in a bowl.

  5. Crush the garlic and pull the leaves off the thyme. Mix the tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

  6. Place on an oven tray and roast in a hot oven for 5 minutes. Take out and reserve.

  7. Bring the beef stock to a gentle simmer in a wide pan, and keep it simmering over a low to medium heat. 

  8. Meanwhile, heat a little olive oil in a large heavy frying pan until very hot, and sear the fillet of beef over a high heat until nicely coloured on both sides. Transfer the steak to the stock, making sure it is covered in liquid. 

  9. Simmer gently for 8 minutes for rare beef, 12 minutes for medium and 16 minutes for well done. Do not let the liquid boil. 

  10. Remove the fillet from the stock and rest for 5 minutes. 

  11. While the steaks are resting, shred the savoy cabbage fairly finely and blanch in the beef stock for 3-4 minutes only. Take out when cooked but still with a slight bite. Drain well and season with a little dressing.

  12. To serve, place the cabbage in the centre of the plate and slice the beef equally

  13. in 4. Place on the cabbage. Place the tomato halves around the plate and drizzle the dressing around.