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Recognising peers + the contribution of chefs to society

Simon Boyle

Recently I’ve spent a fair bit of time judging other people’s work at awards and competitions. After turning 46 last week, I’m starting to realise I do have some experience to share, but it’s still a strange position to be in. What it has made me realise is the myriad ways chefs contribute to society through their craft.

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Fighting for the things that matter + food for thought

Simon Boyle

Social enterprises and charities are spending too much time fighting over funds instead of fighting for people. The House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group invited me to share my experiences about this last week, and it struck me just how much they rely on our sector to solve the big social problems of our times.

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Forced rhubarb + innovation in food

Simon Boyle

Innovation in the hospitality sector is about more than Michelin starred restaurant food. It’s about developing interesting ingredients and creating entirely new products across the whole industry, as well as the industry being more open-minded when it comes to career opportunities and encouraging young people to enter this exciting and fast moving world of hospitality.

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