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Simon Boyle


I want to give you some hidden treasures this christmas, little gems that we are hoping will make a huge difference in peoples lives.

I have had an incredible few weeks. Firstly getting Brigade Bar + Kitchen into the Christmas spirit. The team have been working so hard making sure our guests eat amazing food over the Christmas period. The new look Brigade is being received well both in-house by the customers and by the press. We have received many articles, blogs and social media thumbs up. Vogue, GQ + Evening Standard to name a few. All mentioning our food as well as our social impact.

Here are 4 Hidden Treasures for you to have a think about this Christmas.

Hidden Treasure No1

On the 29th November we were supported by Creme Conferences a truly authentic and amazing company lead by the incredible Katie Allen. Katie brought her clients Cisco, Cohesity, Intel, Scality, Commvault, Veeam, Tech Data . This multi alliance partnership wanted to not only work together differently but also do good at the same time. So they jumped into our Beyond Food ‘Changing Roles Changing Lives’ team building activity where they took over the whole of the Brigade Bar + Kitchen. Each company invited clients, friends and family to eat dinner whilst they cooked, served drinks and all the food. An amazing night that contributed £10,750 to the Beyond Food Foundation as well as given Brigade a great nights takings to support the charity. If you are interested in this concept, we will be working with Katie and the Creme team for all 2019 Take Overs.


Hidden Treasure No2

IMG_0342 2.JPG

As you may know I recently published my new cookery book. This one was written for people that can not cook for themselves. It is called ‘How to cook and keep on cooking". We decided as it was Christmas through the Beyond Food Foundation to give 5000 books away to young disadvantaged people. Mostly struggling with life on their own after leaving the care system. We gave the books free to lots of charities on one single day and we even got on London Live.

Charities included Princes Trust, Springboard, The Passage, Foyer Federation and School Food Matters to name just a few. I am thrilled with the book and I really hope it helps with our referral process for our own training and employment programmes starting in January.

Hidden Treasure No 3

I was asked to do my first TEDx talk. Ted Talks use the slogan ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’ as check them out online. I flew to Heildsberg in Germany last week and spoke for 15 minutes sharing my adventure into social business and the world of homelessness. The title is ‘Inspiring Futures Beyond Homelessness’. It was a truly inspiring process and the amazing speakers, organisers and volunteers all work for free. It should be out mid January so watch for the next blog.


Hidden Treasure No4

Giving back is one of life best gifts. There is no better time to give back than at Christmas. If you know someone vulnerable you could have a think about how you might be able to help them over the festive period?

If you know someone in particular in the London area, they might be homeless or at risk of homelessness. So you could refer them to Beyond Food’s Freshlife programme. The programme application form can be downloaded here and sent back to Our programmes start on 14th January and we aim to help over 150 vulnerable people over 6 weeks. Each will have the opportunity to be in full time employment at Brigade by the beginning of March. Not bad hey?


I wish you the best Christmas and a very happy and successful New Year. Remember happiness is not at the end of the road. It is the road!

Much love

Simon xx

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