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Simon Boyle is a maverick chef and the vision behind Brigade and its charitable partner Beyond Food. From a young age his passion for food has motivated him to further his career whilst also helping others. His philosophy has always remained that food has the power to incite change and bring people together.

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He began as an apprentice chef with The Academie Culinaire de France at the Savoy Hotel London and Bournemouth and Poole College, learning the skills and techniques of professional cookery. Since then his career has offered him a number of unique opportunities, from working on the 5* Minerva cruise ship to cooking for Saudi Princes. He has cooked in restaurants across the country, being part of the team gaining a Michelin star at the Chewton Glen in Hampshire and going on to work in prestigious settings such as the Mosimann's. His success culminated in receiving the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs Award in 2013.

In 2004, after volunteering in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the devastating tsunami, Simon wanted to continue helping others, but within his own community. Over the next 6 years Simon worked tirelessly to create Beyond Food, a charity that would use food as a catalyst for social change, offering vulnerable people the chance to move away from homelessness to stable employment.

 In 2010, Simon spearheaded a new social enterprise project. PWC, De Vere Venues and the Homes and Communities Agency partnered with Simon, locating the charity and its apprenticeship scheme in a restaurant. Simon was already familiar with PWC, having been awarded with funding through their Spark programme for emerging social enterprises. The partnership’s restaurant became the Brigade Bar and Bistro on Tooley Street; a popular location for meetings, events and casual drinks after work, but also the home of the Beyond Food apprentices.

Whilst playing an active role in Beyond Food and Brigade, Simon also operates his own creativity consultancy business, Stirring Creativity. His focus is on culinary brand building, product development and personal appearances. This has led him to work with both high-profile clients, such Carte D’Dor and Pizza Express, for whom he ran culinary workshops and developed new products, and newer clients, allowing them to make a large impact on a market he knows well. His experience is highly regarded, and he is widely recognised for his role as the first Culinary Ambassador for Unilever.